Class Strength

12 Kids


1.5 - 2.5 years


9.30 AM - 12 PM

We strive to accomplish the following goals:

 The Playgroup class has a flexible schedule to meet the needs of these young individuals. During the child’s first two weeks of attendance, a settling-in schedule is implemented to gently welcome them to the group. This includes interesting and interactive activities that facilitate their social, physical, and cognitive development.

The ability to follow routines will be honed over the course of the year by constant exposure. As part of this initiative, we will also continue introducing children to early literacy skills and to individual letter sounds with an emphasis on early phonics awareness. Children are taught these skills with fun, original teaching materials tailored to the needs of this age group.

 In addition, different themes will be introduced throughout the year, with both a review of the Toddler content and an introduction to new vocabulary and concepts. We emphasize sensory exploration as well as imaginative play as part of our curriculum. Mathematical concepts can be easily grasped with counting and action rhymes, puzzles and hands-on activities, such as sorting, matching, and solving problems. Through the use of educational and natural materials, the children explore different shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns 

 Developing gross and fine motor skills, movement coordination, and confidence are all essential components of our curriculum. Regular Music and Movement classes develop these skills, in turn building the confidence, strength, and stamina of the child.

Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of comprehension and listening skills, as well as developing a child’s speech. It is crucial that we provide children with a wide range of opportunities to express themselves verbally and listen to others throughout the day. 

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